Collectible of the Week: 1980 Eagles Glasses

1980 was a memorable year for the Eagles.  Following the conclusion of a 12-4 regular season, they streaked through the playoffs, capped by a win over the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game at a frozen (but, rowdy) Veterans Stadium.  Though they failed to best the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV, the team has endured as one of the most popular with Eagles fans and collectors alike.

This set of five glasses distributed by Delaware Valley McDonalds restaurants that Fall include many of the key contributors to the NFC Champs, including Harold Carmichael, Ron Jaworski and Wilbert Montgomery.  Notable by his absence in the set is the team's receiving leader, Charlie Smith.  The glasses each stand 6" tall and feature drawn action pictures of two players.  Drawn player head shots are superimposed over a football are to the bottom-right of each action picture - with their name written in script below. "Philadelphia Eagles" is printed at the feet of each player's action pose.

The McDonalds set is not particularly rare, often coming up for sale on eBay or at flea markets.  Collectors can expect to pay $5 or less for individual glasses, or $15-20 for the set.  


  • Bill Bergey/John Bunting
  • Billy Campfield/Wilbert Montgomery
  • Harold Carmichael/Randy Logan
  • Tony Franklin/Stan Walters
  • Ron Jaworski/Keith Krepfle