Collectible of the Week: 1981 Phanatic Puzzle SGA

On May 3, 1981 the Phillies celebrated the Phanatic's third birthday at Veterans Stadium.  Since being introduced in April 1978, the green mascot had become a favorite of fans young and old - and his annual birthday promotion was already drawing large crowds.  This day 41,283 fans entered the stadium to watch the Phils defeat the Giants 7-5. 

The jigsaw puzzle handed out to children 14 years and younger is made of typical cardboard material, measures 8"x10" and includes 35 pieces.  Through a series of six mini drawings the Phanatic is on the search for his birthday gifts.  Unable to find them, he is sad - only to be surprised by a pile of gifts waiting at his locker after the game.  The Harrison/Erickson copyright mark in the bottom right-hand corner is typical for the period.  The maker's of the Phanatic (Harrison/Erickson) owned the copyright for his likeness until 1982 - a good thing to know when trying to date Phanatic pieces.

I have seen a number of these for sale over the years - and as of today there are three available on eBay ranging in price from $24.99 to $49.99.  Last year the Phillies Authentics stand had one for sale, priced at $49. 99.