Collectible of the Week: 2014 Phillies Yearbook

2014 Phillies Yearbook

2014 Phillies Yearbook

The Phillies published their first official yearbook in 1949.  At that time, they were one of only a few teams to publish anything but a game day program.  The sneak-peek of the 2014 edition is courtesy of the Phanatical Rewards Program website - which includes the publication as one of its point redemption options.  

It's an unusual cover design.  Though it features a photo of Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins, they are merely the background graphic for a Phillies "Liberty Bell" logo.  In fact, the appearance of this particular logo is out of the ordinary - marking its first usage on a cover since 2007, and only the fourth time since being unveiled with new uniforms in 1992 (1993 was the other).  I dismissed it as "pretty plain" - and, maybe it is.  But, then again, could it be an expression of the "new direction" the team is touting?  Either way, I'm intrigued to see what the Media Guide and Programs look like now...

Interesting Phillies Yearbook Facts:

  • The 1981 Yearbook was not published until after the strike - in August!
  • The 1951 Yearbook is generally considered to be the most rare.
  • Several seasons featured multiple, in-season editions: 1959-1965, 1966 (2), 1964 (3), 1977 (2)
  • The 1996 was an unusual, 11"x11" square - only time they ever used these dimensions.
  • And, in one of the oddest decisions ever, the 1997 Yearbook was released as an insert to one of the monthly "Phillies Magazines".  

Special thanks to reader Steve F. for his additions to the Yearbook facts listing.  Steve's insight added the last three bullet points.  Thanks, Steve!