Collectible of the Week: 2015 Vintage Bobble Head variant SGA

Phillies Vintage Bobble Variant

On Friday, June 19, the Phillies distributed the "vintage" variant of their 2015 bobble head as part of their "1960s Theme Night" promotion.  It was the second bobble head to feature the throwback style this season. 

The overall "vintage" theme demonstrated in these bobble heads refers to the design shift from player-based figurines back to the "boy"-style originated in the 1960s.  Back in March, Phillies Director of Merchandising, Scott Brandreth told me this shift was intentional.  After declining returns on the player bobble SGAs in recent years, he felt as through the promotion had become stale. 

In honor of the 1960s theme the variant is dressed in a road, gray version of the classic Phillies uniform.  The boy stands, holding a bat on a gold base, with "Philadelphia" spelled in black across the front.  It was available to fans participating in the "theme night."  Though 1,000 tickets for the theme were available, not all were sold - and, a $5 ticket add-on was available for purchase at the game for those who did not buy into it in advance.  The variant bobble head was also handed out as a grab-bag prize at this season's Phillies Phestival.