2005 Peter Forsberg, SGA Bobble Head

Peter Forsberg returns to Philadelphia Tuesday night (December 16) as the Flyers honor their former Captain in celebration of his recent Hockey Hall of Fame induction.  It's a bittersweet occasion as Flyers fans as the mere mention of his name stirs memories of the lopsided trade with Quebec for Eric Lindros - ultimately winning the Cup in 1996 and 2001 with the Avalanche. 

This week's featured collectible comes from Forsberg's two-year stint in Philly during the mid-2000s.  Handed out to fans attending the Flyers game against Flames on December 6, 2005, the bobble head stands 7.5" tall on a 2x2" white base.  It was sponsored by ChevyShowcase.com, and produced by Bobble Dobble.  The front of the base has "Peter Forsberg" in black capital letters.  The sponsor plate sits above his name on top of the base; Flyers logos are on each side of the base.

It is a fairly common bobble head, and can be found for $10 or less with a little patience...