Collectible of the Week: Rollins Commemorative Hit-Streak Bat

As Jimmy Rollins moved up the ranks in several of the Phillies all-time offensive categories, collectors increasingly paid him a little more attention.  And, since becoming the franchise hit-leader last summer, prices of his memorabilia has seen a considerable spike.  Though tougher to come by nowadays, there are still some affordable options, like this week's feature item, for Rollins fans.

This week's collectible is a replica Jimmy Rollins, Max Bat produced for Season Ticket holders by the Phillies to commemorate his 2005 36-game hit streak.  The model C4 bats are numbered to 1,250, with a facsimile autograph and inscription noting Rollins' status as the team's single-season hitting streak record holder. Included in the packaging was a note from Rollins to the recipient - thanking them for their early commitment and support of the 2006 Phillies. The reverse side of the card has a list of the longest hitting streaks in Major League history as of the end of the 2005 season.

Considering J-Roll's popularity and the fact they are not frequently found in the usual secondary markets, prices for these bats have stayed reasonable.  Based on a few previous sale prices I have seen, I estimate value in the $75-100 range.  One recent sale resulted in what I label an "untypical" ending bid of $36 - not representative of its true resale value.