Collectible of the Week: 2014 Jimmy Rollins Tribute Print

After much anticipation, and what seemed like the world's longest countdown, Jimmy Rollins dropped a single into right field to become the Phillies all-time hits leader on June 14th.  With that hit (number 2,235, if you're counting), the longtime short stop broke a tie with Mike Schmidt, who had held the record since 1989.

Say what you will about the Phillies front-office, but they have always done ceremonies right - and a little more than a week after Rollins broke the record, they put together a first rate tribute last night (June 23rd). Back to congratulate their former teammate were Mike Lieberthal, Pat Burrell, Marlon Anderson and Bobby Abreu (who currently plays for the Mets).  It was a nice reunion of the early 2000-era players who reignited my love of watching the Phillies post-college. 

And, that brings us to our featured collectible... All fans attending the game received a two-sided, 11"x14" print honoring the accomplishment.  The front pictures Rollins hitting his record breaking single in front of shadow images of former record holders Schmidt and Richie Ashburn; the back is a color photo from the field showing Rollins at first base on the record-setting day.  I thought the design was exceptionally good for this print - and predict it will be a popular autograph medium next Phestival...