Collectible of the Week - Scott Rolen, Salvino Figurine

Scott Rolen Salvino Figurine

Scott Rolen Salvino Figurine

The year was 2000.  And, though it is hard to believe, people around these parts still liked Scott Rolen.  With few marketable players on their roster, Rolen was the most visible player in the memorabilia market - appearing on posters, and as figurines or bobble heads.  This week's featured collectible, Scott Rolen Salvino Figurines comes from my personal collection, being purchased at Veteran's Stadium during that season. 

Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this figurine was Salvino, Inc.  They made their mark in the sports collectibles industry during the early 1990s with a string of high-quality, autographed figurines which spanned many different sports including baseball, football, basketball - and even, boxing, racing and tennis.  Toward the late 1990s, they switched their focus to unsigned figurines, like the one pictured in this post.

Collectible Specifics: The Rolen figurine is part of a 2000 series known as, "Prestige Baseball Series" (note: there were smaller Prestige sets for both football and basketball, too).  The Phillies third baseman was one of 30 figurines in the series, which included both current and past stars.  In some cases, players were repeated with multiple poses.  They are 7" tall, and stand on a porcelain base - which are hand numbered to 10,000 on the bottom.    

Collectible Valuation: Back in 2000, I paid $40 retail for the Rolen figurine.  I have not seen a lot of these Rolen's on secondary market over the years - but, when they do show up, they typically are found for $25 or less.