There are few easy steps you'll need to follow to successfully mail an 8"x10", Through The Mail (TTM) autograph request:


Two (2) 9"x12" envelopes

8"x10"-ish piece of cardboard - I usually cut panels off old cardboard boxes, nothing fancy required.


Postage - Eight (8) Forever stamps

Optional: Thin 8"x10"-ish cardboard piece


1. Write your request letter.

2. Address your two 9"x12" envelopes - one addressed to the athlete, the other for a return made out to you/your address.

3. Add postage.  I always do this as one of the first steps since it is easy to forget to add stamps to the return envelope once it has been "stuffed".  Four stamps per envelope should get the job done for most items.  If it is a program you may want to add an extra stamp each way.


4. Support the photo with the piece of cardboard.  You can also use a second piece of cardboard to "sandwich" the photo, or use a top-loader - though that may require a larger envelope.


5.  Slide the photo and cardboard into the envelope addressed to the player.

6.  Fold the "return" envelope in half, and clip the Sharpie on the top of it.  

  • If the player charges a fee, I will also clip the fee under the arm of the Sharpie cap.

7. Slide the return envelope, Sharpie and fee, if applicable behind the photo and cardboard.

8.  In front, insert the request letter - so, it is the first thing the player sees when opening  the envelope.

9.  Seal the envelope - optional to use tape to secure it.  I generally don't use tape, too - unless the seal doesn't seem secure.