There are few easy steps you'll need to follow to successfully mail a card Through The Mail (TTM) autograph request:


A sheet of paper and a pen

Two (2) standard white envelopes

Postage - Two (2) Forever stamps


1. Write your request letter.

2. Address your two envelopes - one addressed to the athlete, the other for a return made out to you/your address.

3. Add postage.  I always do this as one of the first steps since it is easy to forget to add stamps to the return envelope once it has been "stuffed".  Missing return postage is near guaranteed failure...

4. Prepare the card.  I usually use either a penny sleeve or just throw the card in "naked."  I have used thicker gauge sleeves in the past, but had two different instances where it seemed to be a factor in the autograph not being signed to expectations.  Once the player simply signed the sleeve, instead of taking the card out; another time the autograph got smudged - seems like it happened when they were trying to put the card back in the sleeve.  I think the thicker sleeves are difficult for some of the older players to work with.

5.  Stuff the envelope.  Now that you have your letter written, and envelopes addressed and stamped it's time to put it all together.  I like to:

  • Put the request letter in the front.  That way it is the first thing the athlete sees when he opens the letter.
  • Fold the return envelope so the return postage is showing.  Place it behind the request letter.  I don't know if it matters or not, but I like the athlete to see that I have supplied return postage when they look in the envelope.
  • Place the card behind the postage. 

6.  Send and wait!