Phillies Oddballs - 1978-79 Penn Emblem Patches

The 100 Major League Baseball player patches in this set were available through mail order during late-1978 and 1979 ($2.50 apiece, with a minimum purchase of three per order).  There were several Phillies available, including future Hall of Famers Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton.

The textured sewing on the patches provides a 3D-effect - though the likenesses to the players are vague at best. Phillies players appear on white background with red framing border.  Each is displayed in their home, red-white pinstriped jersey - though there no team logo. Border variations exist for the Pete Rose patch (red, blue and black).  The red border (Phillies Version) is most common, while the black (Reds Version) is the most rare.  Blue is available - but, not found as frequently as the red-bordered version.The design change shown here is likely reflective of an update corresponding with Rose's moving to Philadelphia in December 1978.