Collectible of the Week:

Tudor Games, Quarterbacks of the NFL (1983)


The year was 1980-something (actually, it was 1983), and electric football giant, Tudor Games released a set of 3.5" NFL quarterback figurines to enhance the game-playing experience.  As most of you may know, Ron Jaworski was the Eagles starting QB at the time - and represented the team in the set.

What I like about the way Tudor used this figurine and other team-specific pieces like it is that they brought the home team to your living room.  After partnering with the NFL in 1967,  their play sets sparked the imaginations of many young fans.  There could probably be a site devoted to just their various NFL-themed releases.

These quarterback figurines were sold both in NFC/AFC sets and separately on a card.  Individually they make an inexpensive find in the secondary marketplace, usually selling for less than $10 apiece.  You won't get rich from collecting them, but you will own a pretty cool piece of 1980s history.

Note: After a seven-year hiatus, the NFL licensing agreement with Tudor was re-established for the 2014 season.  Check out Tudor's current offering of Eagles figurines.