Mike Schmidt Appearance Postponed (Again)

Phillies Hall of Famer, Mike Schmidt

Phillies Hall of Famer, Mike Schmidt


The Mike Schmidt promotional appearance for The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs (which was once postponed) has been postponed again.

This postponement, first brought to my attention by a reader, Ryan Meyer (@EpicGrapher on Twitter), was confirmed by the Mohegan Sun's official Twitter page (@MSPocono) in an earlier tweet reading: "Mike Schmidt's previously scheduled signing even on November 23 has been postponed due to a personal conflict."  That post was immediately proceeded by the announcement that former Major League pitcher Dwight Gooden will be signing at the Casino that day.

Though, only officially a postponement, all mention of Schmidt has been removed from the Mogehan Sun website.   It would be surprising to see the appearance rescheduled anytime soon...

Stay tuned, sports fans...