December Phanatic of the Month Wuz Here


I've written with increased urgency each successive month since the Phanatic of the Month releases began last Spring.  Each month it has gotten tougher and tougher to secure the prize as the figurine's popularity (and eBay prices) have swelled.  

Well, December is here and I am left without this month's bobble head.  I have to admit: most of this problem is my own doing.  I punted the store stakeout on Sunday morning in favor of the annual family trip to the Christmas tree farm - choosing to grab on on the secondary market later.  Considering the bobble's sold out within minutes of the door opening, it was likely the best decision I could have made.  Tales from survivors set the scene as a "Black Friday-like" scramble... not my idea of fun.


With figurines tough to come by, it took a full 24-hours before I even saw what one looked like.  Call me a grinch, but the December design didn't really impress me much.  Unlike previous month's creations, this design puts us in familiar territory: the Phanatic in a Santa suit.  Even the inclusion of a Christmas tree has been done before.  Maybe it's more an inditement of the tired "Phanta Claus" theme, and not this particular bobble head - but, I am very indifferent on it.

If time doesn't tame prices on the secondary market, I'll just buy this ornament and call it "December"...

Thanks to fellow collector, Pat Adair for use of the December Phanatic of the Month photo.  Make sure to check out his blog  and give him a follow on Twitter (@DroppedStrike3)...