McCoy VIP Meet and Greet Experience


An option in the Sports Vault, In-Store Signings page caught my attention this week: A VIP, meet and greet with LeSean McCoy.

For the past week or so, I've had the standard autograph appearance listing on this site's "Upcoming Signings" page - where for $79 you can have the NFL's leading rusher sign whatever you want.  With interest in the team at a high-level, there will be no shortage of patrons lining up with photos, footballs and mini-helmets on the 30th.  However, if you are craving something above and beyond what the general public will enjoy, this unique experience is for you.

Much like we have seen in recent years with big name musicians on tour - sports promoters are beginning to provide premium access to the athletes fans most want to meet.  And, don't let me understate this: You will pay mightily for the VIP treatment!  That's not to say it is a bad thing - just be warned, it is not for the casual fan.  The McCoy Meet and Greet costs $500, and includes the following perks:

  • Autograph ticket
  • Private room access with McCoy for you and one other
  • Full Sized Eagles Helmet
  • Professional photo with McCoy
  • DVD of the experience to take home

Personally, I am in favor of the Sports Vault providing this opportunity. While there is currently no one I would pay to have this personalized experience with, I can appreciate that there is a market for these meet and greets.  In fact, while I am sure he is being compensated to provide this forum, I applaud Shady for making himself available in this way.  It would be very easy for him to do his time at the signing table and leave.  But, he is willing to do more.  It would be nice to see this trend continue with future local signings.

Only 10 VIP packages are being made available... What are your thoughts on this, and other VIP Meet and Greet experiences?