2013 Phillies Winter Sale Recap

Saturday was the annual Phillies Holiday Sale at Citizens Bank Park.  Billed as an "all-day shopping event", the Sale is good opportunity to buy some cheap holiday gifts.  I've been going with my brother since the Phillies moved to CBP in 2004, but from talking to some of the more senior collectors in line, it is a tradition that reaches back to the mid-1980s.

It was another less-than-desirable list of game used jersey options, but I didn't let that get me down.  Here is the quick rundown of my purchases:

Jim Thome Signed Photo Frame


Thought this was a cool item - plastic frame that is perfect to hold either the photo card I have in there now, or a 4"x6" photo.  On the bottom is an autograph in blue Sharpie.  From reading online, frames signed by Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley were available later in the day.  Each were $5.

Placido Polanco Game-Used Alternate Helmet


I have a few red helmets, but for some reason, they never seem to put out the alternate ones.  For the past three years I have said, 'My day will be made if f I get an alternate helmet."  Well, needless to say, my day was made with this purchase.  It has a lot of evident game use, and unlike my red helmets, still has the padding intact.

Placido Polanco "Game-Used" TBTC Hat


No, I'm not some Placido Polanco super-fan, just someone who can't pass up a good deal.  This hat was from the Phillies 2011 Turn Back the Clock game when they dressed in 1984 style uniforms.  Though the MLB Authentication listing classifies this as game-used, P.P. did not play in the game - so, I'll call it "kinda game used."  It is also autographed.  For $20, it was a decent pickup...

Programs, etc.

Some of the best stuff available at the sale is found in the media room.  Here is the abbreviated version:

  • Bought one of each 2013 program. For $1 each, this are a low-guilt purchase.  
  • Autographed photo cards.  There was less variety (and notability) than in the selection offered last season - nothing too special to report.
  • One of the more interesting things I got were the 12"x18" vinyl flags of various players (pictured left). Thought I would keep them as possible autograph pieces in the future.  $1 and $2 each.

"Cliff Lee"? Game Issued Shoes


When we go in for the Sale, my brother and I always remind each other to "look for the unusual."  Shoes fit squarely in that category.  This season there was a whole table full of 'em.  I leapt when the ballgirl reading through the numbers written on the shoes said, "33."  Authentication only specifies game issued -  so, no "official" link to Cliff Lee, but it's fun to imagine they were his, anyway...