January Phanatic of the Month

I busied myself by reading the tweets from Citizens Bank Park this morning as a line, estimated by one buyer at around 60 people, formed early.  Was it another memorabilia sale? Opening Day tickets (wink, wink)?  No, they were waiting for the January Phanatic of the Month Bobble Head to go on sale.  Soon after 10 a.m., my go-to bobble expert, @DrBobblesWorld posted a picture of the prized figurine (at left) to let us bystanders in on the fun.

This month's theme was "New Year's Phanatic" - which on January 2nd, makes sense.  Phanatic is dressed a lot classier than I was on New Year's Eve, complete with top hat.  Interesting features in this month's release is the "New Year's Ball" which has the ability to move up and down a pole and the Phanatic's hands which also move.

Overall, the design is pretty nice again this month, though I have to agree with fellow Phillies collector, Pat Adair (@DroppedStrike3) that "Baby New Year Phanatic" would have been entertaining, too.  There's always next year...