Physical Tickets Nearing Extinction

In the latest blow to the niche, ticket collecting market,  it was reported earlier this week the Phillies are urging season ticket holders to opt into electronic tickets when (if) they renew for 2015.  In another two or three years, it may not be an option - which sucks.  

Electronic tickets have become commonplace in professional sports over the past few years - with the Eagles switching over for last season's playoff game.  I've accepted that you no longer need to go to the stadium box office to buy tickets, regularly leveraging the "print at home option" myself.  And, while I agree with John Weber, Phillies VP of Ticket Sales and Operations, that virtual tickets are immensely convenient, I can't help but feel like something about the experience is being lost. 

I've questioned what is, and what is not a collectible in the past - but, as far as I'm concerned nothing rekindles memories of an event, or says "I was there" like a used ticket stub.  In the new virtual world we would never have to worry about forgetting our tickets back at the house - but, we would also not have Opening Day, No-Hitter or World Series keepsakes.  In the new world there would be no "phantom" series tickets to collect, or artwork to admire, display or have autographed.  For a little while longer,  as a ticket collector, I'll opt-out of the new world...