Ghosts of Phestivals Past - Part III

With a third edition, I guess "Ghosts of Phestivals Past" is now officially a pre-Phestival tradition!  Of course, if you regularly visit this page, you have to know the 30th Annual Phillies Phestival will be held at Citizens Bank Park tomorrow afternoon.  So here we are again, planning and plotting a path - at least as best we can without knowing who is signing at which booth yet.  What better time than now to look back at some past experiences...

Carlos Ruiz (2007)

It was Ruiz's first season as a starter and though still largely unproven, I was excited to have pulled a ticket to his autograph booth.  On my brother's recommendation I had purchased one of Chooch's 2006 blue warm-up jerseys at the annual Winter Sale a few months earlier and had him sign it

Von Hayes (1980-something)

Growing up watching the Phillies in the late 1980s meant thinking Von Hayes was a star.  I was a big fan of his - collecting his cards and mimicking his wide-legged batting stance in wiffle ball games.  This must have been 1985 or 1986 - other signatures from that day included Jeff Stone and John Felske.  Ah good times...

Jimmy Rollins (2012)

The 2009 World Series, Dick Perez lithograph is one of the projects I am hoping to build on at this year's event.  Cliff Lee (in 2011) was the first autograph I got on it, and since then have been adding one here and there including Rollins a few years ago.  I've never had a bad experience with Rollins - and this one is especially memorable because of the attention he gave my son.  Chatting him up and hitting him with a high-five request.  

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