Star Wars Theme Night... and, a Death Star

Last night was a big night down at the ol' ball yard: A Phillies win; fun theme night; and a Death Star giveaway!  

Death Star SGA (via eBay)

Death Star SGA (via eBay)

Over the years, I have been to several minor league versions of the "Star Wars Night" theme and honestly, I think it is better suited for that environment.  Typically my (now) six-year old son will lead me around the concourse - picking out the planted movie characters and posing for pictures.  Of course, the highlight is always interacting with Darth Vader.  There were high-expectations leading up to the night - and while there were some hits (the scoreboard videos and player photo edits and the "theme night gift", Death Star ball) but the overall experience has been better (for us) in the past.

The "Death Star" giveaway was on my radar since being announced earlier in the season. And judging by the sell-out of all one-thousand theme night tickets, I wasn't alone!  It's a fun crossover Phillies/Star Wars item, suitable for a collector of either (or both).  Though, the Phillies upped the ante by pulling out the old "hand-numbered" trick out of the bag, anything labeled "Limited Edition" is being marketed as an important collectible and rarely holds any real value.  It may have had more value if fewer people participated in the promotion, a la the first Stitch N Pitch night.  But, with the full order in circulation, I'm not planning retirement.  A few have already made their way online.  It will be interesting to see where prices settle.

Overall, the night was good with some solid father/son bonding time, and a few keepsakes.  But, we never did chase down Darth Vader...