Making Guesses About 2015 SGAs

As teams across the Major Leagues have begun releasing tentative promotional schedules, the Phillies have sat idle.  After stating via their official Twitter account that details on 2015 promotions would be released in December, the team, which will undoubtedly need to use stadium giveaways and theme nights to attract fans to Citizens Bank Park, has gone radio silent.
Of course, a lot of things have changed since that November morning: Franchise icon Jimmy Rollins was traded to Los Angeles; their 2014 home run leader Marlon Byrd is now a Red; and, the future of roster staples Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard hang in the balance.  My guess is these situations have caused at least some delay in announcement – and there may have even been situations where planned SGAs were completely scrapped.  One day over the recent holiday season I caught myself daydreaming about how the promos may develop…

  • Cole Hamels (100 Career Wins) Commemorative Ball (Replacing the Rollins Hit Record)
  • Bobble Heads: I think this is the year we see a Domonic Brown bobble… I’ll bet on him and either Ben Revere or Ryne Sandberg serving as another.
  • Cody Asche bat day
  • Chase Utley t-shirt

With notable names scarce, I can also see the Phillies leaning heavily on both the Phanatic and their team logo in additional SGAs.  These could be logo beach towels and backpacks or a Phanatic cereal bowl/spoon set.  Another scenario may be the inclusion of an alumni giveaway.  Though infrequent over the past decade, a John Kruk figurine was handed out in 2013 and Roy Halladay was honored with a second Phillies SGA bobble last summer.  If they were to take this path, we could maybe pencil in a Darren Daulton figurine as a late-season promo.
It will be interesting to see how these predictions play out… Hopefully sooner than later, too!