The Phillies Phestival Poll is Live!

I received my admission packages for this season's Phillies Phestival earlier this week - and that means this year's even is less than a month away! Despite the rough start for the ol' home team, it surely will be one of the highlights of my Summer.

For those of you who haven't previously attended the event, the Phillies will not disclose the list of players who will appear in any specific booth number until the day of the Phestival.  However, based on previous season polls we have proven they do tend to vary distribution of the autograph booths based on player status: fewer tickets are distributed for "star" players than non-stars.

In past years the poll has successfully predicted where the big names will be signing.  With more than 2,200 tickets logged for last season's Phestival, we tracked an estimated 15% of the entire distribution - still not close to being statistically significant, but not bad for little blog.  If nothing else, it is fun to see the numbers build as we get closer to the event date.

While you're here, help the cause!  Go to the poll and log the autograph booth numbers you pulled...