Phillies Memorabilia at The Hall

Phillie Phanatic Halloween Mask

With no collecting events in sight, I recently took time to put down my laptop and turn off social media notifications - unplugging for two weeks of Phillies Collector-free, family time.  We did some light traveling, including a couple days in Cooperstown, NY for a visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. It has been a few years since my last trip to the museum and I was surprised to see so many pieces of (non-game used) Phillies memorabilia on display.

Some of my favorite displays at the Hall are the Babe Ruth and historic stadiums exhibits.  From an early age, George Herman Ruth was one of the players that I wanted to know more about.  And, though I have seen his uniform, bats and locker before, it is still fun to think about him using them.  The Babe, of course, played in the World Series against the Phillies as a Red Sox rookie in 1915.  And, the museum now has media pins from the Series on display - the first time I have seen the rare Phillies pendant in-person. 

1950s, Connie Mack Stadium "Knot Hole Gang" pass

Like with Ruth, stories of the forgotten fields of baseball history have always sparked my imagination.  Growing up watching games at The Vet, I used to ask my dad a lot of questions about his experiences at Connie Mack Stadium.  Now raising my son with games at Citizens Bank Park, I constantly answer questions about Veterans Stadium!  Funny how things work out... Well, in the historic stadium exhibit BOTH stadiums are front and center.  with seats from each on display.  Also part of the permanent record were a rare Phanatic Halloween mask and the Talking Harry Doll (as part of stadium SGA case), and a cool, "Knot Hole Gang" pass that was issued in the 1950s for use at CMS. 

Trips to Cooperstown will never get old - and, I was happy to get to share this one with my son (for the first time).  Next time you make the drive, take time to look for some of these unique pieces of Phillies memorabilia at the Hall of Fame!