Phillies TTM: Week of 11/21/11

This week has been a busy one for my mail lady (even with a day off)!  I had returns Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - which makes no mail today (Thanksgiving) a little easier to handle.  Received back this week were:

Bob Boone Wall of Fame plaque postcard -
The postcard is one of the pack that were part of a giveaway for Alumni Weekend a few years ago.  They are modeled after the Hall of Fame plaques we are used to seeing.  A disappointment in the set is that there are many deceased players included, and the Phillies have not kept adding to it with new inductees each season.  Despite that criticism, they are nice cards and there are many of living players included, too.

I sent this back during the first week in September so getting it back after a relatively long time was a nice surprise.  Boone is a consistent signer via the Nationals.  This is the second one in the set that I have had signed (the other is Curt Simmons).  I decided to add this to the projects list and sent one to Jim Bunning yesterday.

Bob Boone Wall of Fame card
1980 Phillies Team Photo -
This is one of my most active current projects.  Third base coach Lee Elia provided a quick return this week - 5 or 6 days - and brought me up to nine total signatures on the team photo.  Elia in general can be hit and miss.  As I mentioned last week I got this out to him because of a string of recent returns from his house.  The photo was back out in the mail the next day to Larry Bowa.

1980 Team Photo: Lee Elia
Pat Gillick Postcard -
Any one who has followed the Phillies over the past 10 years (at least) will understand the impact Hall of Famer Gillick had on the team.  Gillick is a consistent signer via his home (and sometimes via the Phillies).  I decided to go off script after a couple followers of my Twitter account reported quick returns.  "Stay Pat" didn't disappoint.  This is a nice postcard featuring Gillick during his HOF induction, holding his plaque.

Pat Gillick Phillies Postcard

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