Collectible of the Week: Top 5 Jimmy Rollins Figurines

Last weekend I reflected on some of the times I met Jimmy Rollins and shared a few autographs I acquired during those meetings.  As promised in that post, I am continuing the J-Roll lovefest by dedicating this week's Collectible of the Week to our favorite shortstop.

Over the years the Phillies have leveraged Jimmy's popularity to offer a load of SGA's ranging from t-shirts to prints, backpacks and bobble heads.  It must be acknowledged that the team often finds great ways to reward customers (i.e. - us fans) with unique memorabilia (sometimes with variation).  They have been especially generous with their promotions featuring J-Roll.  Below are what I would consider the top 5 Jimmy Rollins figurines (statue/bobble head) currently available in the market:

5.  Jimmy Rollins SGA Figurine

Year produced: 2005


SGA at Citizens Bank Park June 21, 2005.  I really struggled with this one.  Probably my least favorite item on the list, I never really thought the likeness was very good on this figurine.  It can be considered as part of a bigger set (Jim Thome and Bobby Abreu were also featured that season) which is a plus.  A variant, with JRoll in a white, home uniform was also produced.


4.  Jimmy Rollins/Ryan Howard Dual "MVP" Bobble Head

Year produced: 2008

Quantity produced: Unknown

Availability: This bobble was only available to leaders of group ticket parties.  With the limited original distribution, your only real avenue for getting one at this point is in the online secondary market.

Comments:  If one bobble is good, two is twice as nice!  The Phillies have handed out a couple dual-bobble heads over the years (Harry and Whitey, Phil and Phyllis), and in my opinion they never get old.  A unique way to honor a unique situation of having back-to-back MVP's on the same team.  I don't think this one is particularly rare, but from looking at prices online it has maintained a fairly high resale value.  I won't put a price on it - but, if you see one at a yard sale for under $25...pick it up!!!


Jimmy Rollins Scranton-Wilkes Barre Bronze Figurine

Year produced: 2006

Quantity produced: Unknown

Availability: Originally a SGA at Lackawanna County Stadium on April 17, 2006.  You find these every once in a while on eBay.

Comments: This set contained a lot of great Phillies from the past decade (Utley, Howard, Burrell, Rolen among others).  Produced for the now defunct AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons these statues are pretty solid and really display nicely.  Some in the set are more rare than others (Shane Victorino for example), but the player poses and unique bronze, rough edged texture of the figure make them a must have for your personal collection.


 Jimmy Rollins Blood Drive Bobble Head - Gray Jersey variation

Item image
Item image

Year produced: 2008

Quantity produced: 2,500

Availability: While version #1 with Jimmy in the white, home jersey was available to all paying customers on June 4, 2008, version #2 featuring the gray, away jersey was only available to fans who donated blood later in the season (August).

Comments: Personally, the "best looking" figurine in the list.  The evaluation can be kept short and sweet: The smooth left-handed bat drop, the mirrored shades - what's not to like?!


Jimmy Rollins SGA Bobble Head - Red Jersey Variation

Year produced: 2002

Quantity produced: 1,000

Availability:  Handed out randomly amongst the tens of thousands of white, home jersey versions during the Phillies game at Veterans Stadium - June 23, 2002.

Comments:  Not only is this the most rare item in the list, but the 2002 bobble head is a sentimental favorite of mine, too.  It was produced right as the bobble head re-birth took MLB by storm and as a big fan of Jimmy's I was excited to be offered the opportunity to get his bobble head.  I attended the game with my brother (both of us received the standard version).  Bonus points have to go out to the Phillies for inserting the variants randomly into the population - fans needed to do no more than show up for a chance to receive this surprise.  And, let's face it - those red BP jersey's are sweet!

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