"Graphing Philly" - Philadelphia Autograph Resource Launched

Since starting this blog 5-6 months ago I have noticed a lot of traffic to the "Upcoming Phillies Signings" page and my Phillies TTM success reports are regularly the most viewed posts of the week.  During that time I have also received a lot of comments, questions and requests to share some of the resources I use to acquire player autographs.  It's not really a secret - I spend a good amount of time researching several TTM sites, and stay on top of announcements from local promoters.

After a few weeks in development I was proud to launch a new Philadelphia sports autographing resource, "Graphing Philly" on Monday, January 23rd.  The new site is a central repository for all the information I am digging up across the web.  It is designed for you, Philadelphia sports fans who are interested in acquiring autographs of both past and present players.  Some of the best features of the site are:

Timely updates on new and upcoming autograph signing appearances (Phillies, Eagles and Flyers)
  • Currently have 30 appearances between the three teams listed
  • Revisions will be made as they are announced

TTM Addresses for Phillies, Eagles and Flyers players
  • Addresses listed are related to most recent successes
  • Additional ones will be added as successes are reported

Daily updates on TTM successes for each team
  • See who is signing, and send your memorabilia with confidence
  • The list will be updated daily to include the names and addresses of players who have most recently returned TTM requests
I have been really surprised by the response I have received so far this week.  To date there have been more than 275 visitors to the site.  If you have not had a chance yet, please take some time to look around the new site, and provide feedback!