Phillies TTM: Week of 1/15/12

Over the past week I received two items back:

1983 Team Project

This is the 8"x10" picture I bought online leading up to the December Philly Show.  The '83 National League Champs are actually pretty decent at signing TTM.  My plan was to have Al Holland sign at the show, then start mailing out to the other players (and pick up more here and there along the way).  My first mail target was Von Hayes.  He is a solid TTMer, especially during the season - and came through for me in about 10 days.  Not sure why he didn't use the silver Sharpie I sent, but guess that's the breaks.  Hayes was always one of my favorite players growing up, and I was glad to add him to the picture.  It is now out in the mail to 1B Len Matuszak - best known for taking over the position for Pete Rose in 1984.
Von Hayes on 1983 Team Project

1980 Team Picture

I am starting to regret not using a better picture for this project.  The picture was a centerfold from a 1981 baseball magazine, and while it is a little larger than the standard team pictures it is not a good paper stock.  Over the past year, it become a little bent and wrinkled.  Hoping that once it is complete and framed that will not be an issue.  Anyway, 1980 coach, Bobby Wine signed the picture in just about 2 weeks time.  He is the 12th signature on the picture - all free through TTM.  I am leaning toward sending it out to Ramon Aviles next...
Bobby Wine on the 1980 Team Picture
Who's Signing - A listing of the top five (in volume) Phillies TTM signers for the week (1/16-1/21)
  1. Greg Luzinski - 9 returns (81% overall success rate)
  2. Ramon Aviles - 3 returns (92% overall success rate)
  3. Chris James - 2 returns (78% overall success rate)
  4. Bobby Wine - 2 returns (97% overall success rate)
  5. Kevin Saucier - 2 returns (92% overall success rate)
Note: No current Phillies were reported as successes this week.