Phillies TTM: Week of 1/23/12

After a two-week pause in mailing at the end of last month, 2012 TTM in full swing.  I have steadily been sending out for the past couple weeks - and luckily the returns have been just as regular.  Here is what I got back this past week:

2010 Raul Ibanez Player Postcard

One of the fellow collectors who I follow on Twitter reported a success with Raul Ibanez via the Phillies two weeks ago.  I was a little surprised after not having seen any previous successes with him - but, have noticed the Phillies forwarding mail to some others recently (Pat Gillick and Jamie Moyer for example).  I sent a request and got the below card back signed.  I am always skeptical about the postcards that come back from the Phillies (in general they are pre-prints), but this one is definitely a real signature - and is not identical to the earlier success.  Who knows if Raul signed it for sure - but, it's nice to think it's authentic.

Raul Ibanez signed postcard

1994 Ricky Jordan Player postcard

The summer of 1993 was a great time to be a Phillies fan, and the NL Champions still stand out as my favorite team.  I have a couple '93 Phillies projects going on (some more active than others), but I have getting the 1994 5"x7" stadium cards signed over the past few years.  Ricky Jordan is a solid TTM bet, and a big part of the teams I grew up watching.  This return now gives me 10 in the set signed.  I think I will probably try picking up a few more this spring/summer.

Ricky Jordan signed postcard

1983 Team Project

Last week I added Von Hayes to the team project and immediately sent it back out to 1B Len Matuszek the next day.  5-6 days later it returned home.  Matuszek got some decent time during the 1983 Championship season, and is probably best remembered as the guy who replaced Pete Rose in 1984.  I was glad he used the silver Sharpie I sent (and returned it, too).  I got this back out today to SS Kiko Garcia, so hopefully there will be another update next week...

Len Matuszek on the 1983 Photo

Graphing Philly Launched

In case you missed it, I launched a new site dedicated to Philadelphia sports autographs this week - "Graphing Philly."  The site has a full listing of successful TTM addresses for Phillies, Eagles and Flyers players (past and present), upcoming signings and a list of recent TTM successes that is updated daily.  If you are interested in getting autographs, please bookmark the site (and visit often).

Link to the site: Graphing Philly
Link to launch announcement: Graphing Philly Autograph Site Launched