Phillies TTM: Week of 2/13/12

Pretty good week for me as some of the things I sent out two weeks ago (finally) came back...

Mickey Morandini - 1993 World Series Cover

I have been working on adding signatures to this program cover since the summer, and have so far collected nine in total.  The latest addition is former second baseman, Mickey Morandini.  He is close to a TTM slam-dunk with an 88% success rate.  Looks like an address change accounted for most of the reported failures on Sports Collectors Net.  On a side note, I am thinking about removing the cover from the program - it is starting to take a beating and want to keep it in fairly good shape as I add new guys.

Mickey Morandini on the WS Cover

Chuck Bednarik Mini Duke

If you're reading this you probably already know that Concrete Charlie is an NFL legend.  He famously played both Center and Linebacker for the 1960 Champion Eagles, and knocked out fellow HOFer Frank Gifford during a game that season.  I had met Mr. Bednarik once about 10 years ago but was unfortunately unprepared to get an autograph.  And though he is a dependable TTMer, I have for whatever reason never sent a request.  I only have two other signed footballs (others are of my favorite coaches, Buddy Ryan and Joe Paterno), but this was a must-have for the collection.

Chuck Bednarik Inscribed Football

Vance Worley Signed Photo

I've written about Vanimal Fever before, and hey, I've gotta admit that I love the energy he and some of the younger players brought to the team last year.  I learned my lesson a few years ago, and after sitting out last Spring Training I've decided to target some of the young Phillies this season.  When I was thinking about who I would try to get Vance Worley was at the top of the list.  This return marks the first of what I hope is a successful February/ be continued...

Vance Worley Signed Photo
Follower submissions:

If you follow my Twitter account you know I am constantly on the search for the Phillies collectibles others have, or are acquiring.  Though the weekly wrap-up has focused on my personal TTM successes, I've decided to share some of the great pieces I have seen during the week...

From Matt (@bigrothy on Twitter), a Mickey Morandini signed photo.  As mentioned above, Morandini is a solid TTM bet (as evidenced by our two successes this week).
Mickey Morandini Signed Photo