Phillies TTM: Week of 2/6/12

Two new returns to report on this week...

Ramon Aviles: 1980 Team Picture

Mr. Aviles represents my first TTM success from outside the continental United States.  The 1980 team picture went to Puerto Rico and back in 10 days.  For anyone who might not know, Puerto Rico is a US territory and you can use the same postage as you would for any regular request.  I am really starting to fill out the left-hand side of the picture - with only Ron Reed, Hank King, Manny Trillo, Bob Walk and Herm Starrette left to get.  13 signatures in total to date - all free through TTM!

Ramon Aviles - 1980 Team Picture

Kiko Garcia: 1983 Team Project

As I wrote to Mr. Garcia in my request letter - I first came to know about him because of his 1984 baseball card.  Instantly the name "Kiko" stuck with me, and has for all these years.  He played in 81 games as a back-up infielder (splitting time at 2B, SS and 3B) during the 1983 NL Championship run.  Though on the roster, he did not see any playing time in the postseason (unfortunately).  My favorite part about this return was the hand-written note he sent back stating - "Great picture!".  Of course, I agree...and was glad he could appreciate it, too.  I just printed a 5x7 copy for him to have - that will go out this coming week.

Kiko Garcia - 1983 Phillies Team Project
TTM Notes:

It's been great to see some of my Twitter followers having Phillies TTM success as well...  If you have a success, please let me know and I will certainly re-tweet a picture of your item and post it (and your Twitter handle) on the next weekly update.

Also, addresses for each of my successes (as well as 100+ other addresses) are posted on Graphing Philly.  Take a look and keep up with who is signing...