Roy Halladay Stadium Store Bobble Head Revealed

Roy Halladay 2012 Majestic Store Bobblehead

Twitter followers of the Citizens Bank Park Majestic Clubhouse Store (@PhilliesMCS) have steadily received new images of Phillies bobble head figurines over the past few months.  First it was Vance Worley, then Hunter Pence, Chase Utley, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Howard...and the rest (Simpsons fans applaud).  This week produced another update - Roy Halladay.

So far I have been pretty impressed with the quality that has been displayed in these bobble heads, though for what ever reason this is probably my least favorite of the group.  I think it is the pose - wish his head was looking forward, instead of having that dead stare to the left.  Overall, the set gets high marks...I'd be interested to see what the Clubhouse Store has sold in previous seasons to compare.