Phillies TTM: Week of 3/26/12

I have slowed down my mailing the past couple weeks as I start to prepare for some upcoming appearances by 1993 and 1983 Phillies.  I will always have a few things out in the mail to keep the flow going, but don't have a whole lot circulating at the moment.  I got one return this past week, from former Phillies pitcher, Lerrin Lagrow....

1980 Team Picture

Lerrin Lagrow was released mid-way through the 1980 season, but still made it to the team picture (which might have been taken sometime late-June, early-July).  It's interesting that he is on there, but guys like Larry Christenson and September hero, Marty Bystrom are not...but, it's all about timing of that photo.  Took about 40 days to get this back from Mr. Lagrow.

Lerrin Lagrow - 1980 Phillies Picture