Phillies TTM: Week of 5/7/12

Had my first multi-success week since March with returns from familiar names from the Phillies '70s-'80s teams: Dallas Green and Dave Cash.

1960 Sports Illustrated cover: Dallas Green

Dallas Green on the
1960 Sports Illustrated Cover

I have been working on this cover for a little over a year now, and so far have collected 12 signatures.  A lot of fans may only remember Dallas Green as the manager of the 1980 World Champions, but 1960 was his first of six seasons as a Phillies pitcher.  Because of his status as both the skipper of WS team, and a member of the 1964 Phillies makes "Big D" a big target for TTMers.  I already have this back out in the mail, turning it around the next day to Taylor Phillips.

1976 Team Ball: Dave Cash

1976 Team Ball: Dave Cash

The 1976 team was one of the most successful in Phillies history.  When I started getting signatures on this ball, one guy was a must - 2B, Dave Cash.  Cash came to the Phillies in 1974 as an established Major Leaguer who brought a culture of winning from Pittsburgh.  During his time in Philadelphia, Cash became a two-time All Star who gets (and deserves) a lot of credit for changing the attitude - "Yes We Can"!  Overall, Cash is a spotty TTMer - but, paying attention to recent history can payoff.  He has had almost 20 successes recorded on Sports Collectors Net since February (no failures).