Auction Watch: Reviewing My eBay Watch List

Thought I would take a few minutes to review some of the Phillies collectibles I recently followed on my eBay Watch List...

1971 Opening Day at Veterans Stadium Program

Auction End Date: 6/13/12
Ending Bid Amount: $17.50
Number of Bids: 7

Comments: Must have program for any paper collectors.  This edition was unscored and in good condition.  Based on other lots I have seen sell online over the past few years, I would estimate the value for the program at $20, so at $17.50 this auction was a deal.

2004 Sportsclix Phillies Team Set 

Auction End Date: 5/30/12
Ending Bid Amount: Did Not Sell
Number of Bids: 0

Comments:  Created as part of a game, this set has the classic names of the early-2000's Phillies: Lieberthal, Thome, Abreu and Bell.  There are nine Phillies in the base set, with "B" set inclusions of Thome and Kevin Millwood.  I have a couple of these, but do not have the full set.  I was interested to see if anyone bit, but at $6.99 (+$3 s/h) this one went unsold.

1967 Phillies Safe Driving Team Set

Auction End Date: 6/8/12
Ending Bid Amount: $33.55
Number of Bids: 3

Comments:  This is a great odd-ball set from the '60s.  It contains 13, 2 3/4" x 4 1/2"cards.  I actually bid on this up to $31 - wish I would have gone a little higher.  A true sign of the times that the set sold for less than $50 - oh well.