Guest Contributor: My Hall of Fame Plaque Postcard Collection

Jim Bunning Signed HOF Plaque

Please enjoy this guest contributor by regular reader, and Twitter follower Jim (@philschamps2008).

I collect autographed Hall of Fame plaque postcards. In total I have 36, including five Phillies legends.  The collection began in 1995 when my family made the trek up to Cooperstown to see Whitey and Schmidt get inducted into the Hall of Fame. We caught wind of a special autograph session for kids 12 and under, for which I just barely qualified.  200 randomly selected kids who attended the Museum would have the opportunity to meet 12 Hall of Famers for a private autograph session on Induction Morning. After a few times through the admission line, I got lucky and had a ticket to meet baseball legends! 

When I showed up the next morning, there were two lists of Hall of Famers to choose from. The first list had Mike Schmidt on it while the second had Richie Ashburn, Steve Carlton and Robin Roberts. I decided to pick the second list because it contained more Phillies. In the end, I was able to get Richie Ashburn, Robin Roberts, Mike Schmidt (they gave this to everyone as a freebie) but Steve Carlton didn’t sign my card despite all my Phillies gear. That was a slight disappointment. My family ended up returning the next two years, and I was once again was in pursuit of the Hall of Fame autograph giveaway. I was drew a lucky admission ticket both times and finally, on the third trip up and the third time getting a ticket, I was able to get Steve Carlton on his plaque postcard. 

Steve Carlton Signed HOF Plaque
Despite the fact that Jim Bunning was inducted in 1996 I was unable to get his postcard signed during those last two trips. It wasn’t until 2011when I finally crossed paths with him at Carl’s Cards in Pennsylvania and got him on his postcard plaque. Then last Christmas, I sent a plaque postcard away to former-GM, Pat Gillick and I received a nicely signed my present in the mail a few days later. So, now I have 5 Phillies members on their plaque postcards. 

Pat Gillick Signed HOF Plaque
Unfortunately they do not make plaques for announcers. But, I was able to meet Harry before he passed away and he signed my 2002 Phillies game day program that states “Call from the Hall.” I have debated over the years if I should get Ferguson Jenkins or Ryne Sandberg - but while they served some time with the team, neither are Phillies legends. So until more make it I can call this collection complete!