Phillies TTM: Week of 7/16/12

It was a vintage TTM week.  Three pre-1970 themed returns...

1960 Sports Illustrated cover - Jim Woods

I have gone pretty deep into the surviving 1960 Phillies roster.  The latest addition, infielder Jim Woods appeared in 11 games during the season and may be best known to Phillies fans as one of the guys the team got for Richie Ashburn. Mr. Woods included a hand-written note commenting on his post-baseball career working for Pan-Am airlines and noting 1960 was a tough year for the Phils.  It was a cool addition to the success.

Two guys I still want to get before closing this project out are Art Mahaffey and Bobby Wine.  I think I'll be able to catch up with them next month...

1960 Sports Illustrated -
Team signed cover

1966 Sports Illustrated cover - Dick Groat

I have admired this SI cover for a long time, and figured it would look great signed if I ever tracked down a copy.  Immediately after finding (and buying) it at a flea market two weeks ago, it was in the mail.  I mentioned in my request letter that I enjoyed watching the MLB Network special on the 1960 World Series (last fall).  Mr. Groat must have been paying attention - he added a really nice '1960 NL MVP' inscription for me.

1966 Sports Illustrated -
Dick Groat

New project - 1950's era Phillies 8x10 - Putsy Caballero

I printed this 8x10 photo of Connie Mack Stadium out a couple weeks ago.  I like the picture, just wasn't sure what I would do with it.  Initially the idea was to get "guys who played there" to sign, but changed it to "guys who played there during the 1950s".  Whiz Kid, Ralph "Putsy" Caballero is my first success.  I have it out to his NL Championship teammate, Bob Miller now.

Connie Mack Stadium photo -
Putsy Caballero