Auction Watch: Reviewing My Ebay Watch List

It has been a while since I shared some of the Phillies items I am currently watching on EBay.  While I am a frequent buyer, I am a habitual watcher - keeping track of a variety of lots to either investigate further, or see determine market value.  A lot of the stuff I track are things that I either have never seen, or rarely see.  Here are few of those lots I am currently keeping an eye on...

1986 Meadow Gold, Mike Schmidt Ice Cream Wrapper

Mike Schmidt - 1986 Meadow Gold Ice Cream Wrapper (via ebay)
As a Mike Schmidt collector, I have many things that could be considered non-mainstream.  In 1986 Mike Schmidt won the National League MVP and evidently appeared on an ice cream bar from Meadow Gold.  I have never seen it, but it's available to buy now for $12.98 (plus shipping).

1992 Turn Back the Clock Lapel Pin

1992 Phillies lapel pin (via ebay)
I always think it is interesting to find items that pertain to the Phillies, but were sponsored by opposing teams.  Many of these things - like road playoff programs, or maybe something created for Opening Day - were never available directly in our market and tend to be at least a little more rare than things given out at a stadium in Philadelphia.  Here is one of those pieces...I'm not a pin collector, but this stuck out to me.  I remember watching this game on TV - the Phillies wearing the gray uniforms with "Phils" in block lettering across their chests.  Like the Schmidt ice cream wrapper, this is the first time I came across this particular pin.  Buy it now for $10 (plus shipping).

1977 World Series Phantom Parking Pass

1977 World Series phantom parking pass

I can't emphasize how much I enjoy finding phantom memorabilia.  1964 is probably the most famous example, with the tickets and press pins that are frequently available on the secondary market - but, believe it or not, there is a lot of great stuff out there for the other Phillies near-misses, too.  1977 seems to have the most - I have seen World Series press pins, tickets and now parking passes.  This is an iffy buy at $20 - but, great look into the hopes the Phillies had pinned on the 1977 postseason.