Hidden Gems: Jamie Cooper, "Dream Scene" Print

Jamie Cooper's, "Dream Scene" print

This could easily fit as a "Collectible of the Week" item, but because it takes a little more work than the normal piece of Phillies memorabilia, I'll call it a "Hidden Gem."  Jamie Cooper's "Dream Print" is prominently displayed in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park.  You may recognize it if you have attended a game in that section, or gone on the stadium tour.  I first noticed it in print version at the Philly Show last Spring.  I am always on the watch for Phillies collectibles that I haven't seen before, and this print jumped out immediately.

The dealer was asking $300 for the framed 39x16" print, which he said he had shipped from Australia. I picked his brain a little more and came to understand that the artist, Jamie Cooper, is from down-under and that while the prints were not limited edition, they could only be purchased by contacting him directly and have them sent internationally.  Later in the day I saw a guy who had a lot of autographs on and around the drawing.  He was waiting in line to have it signed by Mike Schmidt.  I asked him where he got it and pretty much recounted the same story - from a dealer who had purchased it from the Australian artist.  He paid $200.

Like any good Phillies Collector would, I started to research how to get one of these for myself.  I Googled his name and emailed him for more information.  Here is what I found:

For sale is the 39x16" print I had seen at Philly Show for $125, but there is also a high-end offering.  Collectors looking to purchase something more dramatic may want to buy a 72x20 ($2795) or 55x15 ($1795) stretched canvas print.  Each print is signed by the artist, and is sent with a certificate that details the story behind the scene.

Contact Jamie Cooper:
Website: http://www.jcap.com.au/
email: jamie@jcp.com.au
Twitter: @jcap27