December Philly Show Recap

If you follow any of my posts on social media, you may have noticed the December Philly Show was a little different for me than previous shows.  If you don't follow me, or if you do and don't hang on every Tweet I send, I'll tell you now: this year, there were no autographs.  I considered using this post to provide the details of how MAB Celebrity did not honor the terms of a sale completed on their website - but, let's face it, the story probably only interests me.  If you really want to know you can message me - otherwise, just know they lost my patronage (which equates to approximately $200/show) from this point on.

Despite not getting any autographs, the trip was one of the best experiences I have had at a Philly Show for a while.  In previous years I have tied up a lot of my available money in autographs, so without that upfront expense I decided to open myself up to the idea of buying a couple good pieces of Phillies memorabilia.  Though I didn't come back with any one standout piece, I did add a few new things to my collection:

1972 Steve Carlton Arena Card

This 11x14" picture is printed on cardboard - and amazingly, is still wears its original wrapping.  It has a glossy finish and depicts Lefty in classic pitching motion at Veterans Stadium.  As I have learned, the card was originally available at the stadium.  All the major sports leagues were represented in the line, though I am not sure how many Phillies were issued in 1972.  Great pickup at a very low price ($2.50). Note: Sorry, was having trouble loading a picture.

1950 Phillies Inquirer Clippings

Seminick and Waitkus
1950 Inquirer clippings

I was excited to see one of my favorite vendors back for the show.  Over the past 4-5 years I have been able assemble with his help a nice collection of 16 signed 1950 Phillies clippings from the Inquirer.  He actually had added a few signed clippings since I saw him last March - but, none that would be new to my collection.  I am missing three starters - Andy Seminick, Eddie Waitkus and Willie Jones.  Seminick signed for years on the show circuit and I'm sure I'll find one of him eventually.  Waitkus and Jones will be a lot harder - both dying prior to the memorabilia boom of the 1980s.  Anyway, I did buy unsigned versions of both Seminick and Waitkus to add to my wall...eventually to be replaced by signed ones!

My signed 1950 Phillies display

I made a few offers on more expensive items, but couldn't come to an agreement on a final price on any of them.  I'll take my savings into next weekend's show at Buck's County Tech HS....