Collectible of the Week: 2003 Phil and Phillis Bobble Head Variations

Phil and Phillis Bobble Head Variations
(via @DrBobblesWorld)

In 2003 the Phillies sent off Veterans Stadium with a number of nostalgic promotions.  One of my favorites was the re-emergence of 1970's mascots Phil and Phillis.  The costumed characters roamed the  stadium walkways before and during the game, reminding fans of the days before the Phanatic was "born".

The Phillies started using bobble heads as a regular promotion in 2001 with (the classic) Pat Burrell and Larry Bowa giveaways.  In 2002 they introduced variants to the mix with the "red jersey" Jimmy Rollins followed by three different Phil and Phillis dual figurines the next season.  Most fans have seen the SGA version handed out "Final Innings" weekend at the Vet, but they may not know two variants - one each for Season Ticket Holders and Group Leaders - were also produced in 2003.  The overall design of the three bobbles are similar.  Key differences are that the sponsor names are only on the SGA version, and the text on the back of the base states either, "The Final Innings", "2003 Season MVP" or "Group Leader".

Variation Checklist:
Phil and Phillis - SGA (9/27/03)
Phil and Phillis - Group Leader
Phil and Phillis - Season Ticket Holder

Thanks to Dr. Bobbles World for the heads-up on the additional variations.  If you are on Twitter, give him a follow - @DrBobblesWorld