Ironpigs Preliminary 2013 Promotional Schedule

It's that time of year again...Phillies minor league affiliates have begun releasing their preliminary promotional schedules.  First to the plate is the team's AAA affiliate, Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, who released their calendar yesterday afternoon.  I was very impressed with last season's lineup and this year is probably as good, if not better...

Here is what you need to be aware of in 2013:

Bobble heads
It's difficult without seeing pictures, but would rank this year's bobble head class as on-par with those handed out in 2012.  There doesn't appear to be a stand-out like Jamie Moyer's Souderton HS bobble, but still solid.

Kevin Frandsen (April 9th)
Tyler Cloyd (May 7th)
Erik Kratz (May 21st)
Barbie Q (mini) (May 26th)
Ryan Howard (July 8th)

Returning Favorites
The piggy banks have become one of my favorite LV items to collect.  Rally Towels never go out of can bring them back each game!

Rally Towels (May 23rd)
Piggy Banks (July 21st)

Best of the Rest
This is where the Ironpigs have really stepped it up.  It is evident that all promotional ideas were considered by the marketing/promotions team.  In addition to the Piggy Bank, these are the items I am most looking forward to this season.

FeRROUS & FeFe Salt and Pepper shaker set (April 10th)
Scoreboard Clock (July 18th)
"Pigs to the Bigs" T-shirt (April 7th)
John Mayberry Commemorative Glass (April 20th)

Check out the Press Release from the Iron Pigs for full promotional details