Collectible of the Week: 2001 SGA Pat Burrell Bobble Head

Pat Burrell
2001 SGA Bobble Head

It's hard to imagine a time when the Phillies promotional schedule did not include multiple bobble head giveaways, but that was the way it was prior to 2001.  For years fans had been subjected with posters and balls or hats.  That season, the team joined a number of others across Major League Baseball to replace "bean bears" with bobble heads - and history was made.

The first of two bobble promotions featured emerging star, Pat Burrell, with figurines being given to all attendees 14 and under.  The idea of having bobble heads in the image of specific players was still relatively new and the item's uniqueness, along with Burrell's popularity made this promotion an immediate hit.  Personally, I had never really had much interest in the 14-under promotions, but this one had me scheming.  Being too old to get it myself, I ended up going with my brother, and he cycled through the gates twice to secure one for both of us.

Though it is pretty simplistic when compared to today's offerings with variant jerseys, removable catching gear and creative poses, this bobble head holds its own.  It is straightforward and classic - a real pioneer in the world of Phillies memorabilia.  Not that rare on the secondary market, it can be found relatively easily for between $15-20 today.

Promotion Date: May 20, 2001
Produced by: BD&A