New Topps Memorabilia Page

While reading the Beckett Baseball news site yesterday, I learned that Topps has recently created a direct-sale page for their memorabilia.  At first glance, the main differences between the fixed-price site and the "Topps Vault" ebay store, which has offered negatives, proofs, player contracts and artwork for years, is the star power (and price).  Though, not necessarily the case with featured Phils, there are many items related to Hall of Famers, and their iconic Topps cards.  Here is a quick look at a few Phillies pieces currently offered on the site:

1965 Ed Roebuck Original Color Transparency

1965 Ed Roebuck
Color Transparency (via
For $45, this is a little expensive for my tastes, but you've got to give it to Topps for playing the hard-sell: (excerpt from the listing: "You know Ed Roebuck played for the Phillies in 1965 and now you know he posed for this image for Topps early that season.")

Sale Price: $45
Link to the item.

1976 Tug McGraw Published, Original Color Transparency

1976 Tug McGraw
Color Transparency (via

Unlike the Roebuck image above, this picture "made it to the bigs" and was used as the Tugger's 1976 card image (below).  The fact that it was published makes the image more valuable, and the $125 price tag reflects that value.  This would be a cool piece for a serious Tug McGraw collector.

Fixed Price: $125
Link to the item.

1976 Tug McGraw Topps

Lenny Dykstra Signed Baseball Card Contract

Lenny Dykstra 1996 Topps
contract (via

Billed as "Dykstra's last Topps contract", 1996 also happens to be the final year he played in the Major Leagues.  Again, an interesting item for a die-hard collector of "The Dude", but I'll stick with the less-expensive contracts offered in the ebay auctions.

Fixed Price: $150
Link to the item.