A Second 1964 Phillies Record?!

Go! Phillies Go! - The "Other" 1964 Phillies record

Earlier today I posted a picture of a 1964 "Go-Go Phillies" 45RPM record recorded by The Umpires on The Phillies Collector Facebook page.  I have had my copy for years, and until a few hours ago did not know a second 1964 Phillies record existed.  While looking for some recent sale amounts for the original record, I came across this listing on Ruby Lane for "Go Phillies Go, The Rise of the Exciting 1964 Phillies".

A couple of interesting things I can tell by looking at the pictures available in the listing are that unlike The Umpires' musical tribute, this record seems to be spoken word - with input from Richie Allen, Johnny Callison, Jim Bunning, Gene Mauch, Clay Dalrymple and Dennis Bennett.  The cover also mentions autographed 8"x10" photos of each - would really love to see what those look like!

Back cover