Ephrata Lions Club Card Show Recap

I live about an hour away from Ephrata, so driving there takes a little commitment.  But after attending the Lions Club Card Show last year, I made sure to mark this year's event on my to-do list.  Because of tee-ball practice and a few other things I needed to take care of, I didn't get there in time to see featured signer, Steve Bedrosian.  I skipped his appearance at the last Philly Show, anticipating taking advantage of the 2/$25 deal in Ephrata.  As you'll hear later, "should have been here earlier" was a common theme of the day.  Despite missing Bedrock, I still had plenty of time to walk the show and find a few cards...

Jim Bunning, 1967 Dexter Press Card

Jim Bunning
1967 Dexter Press Card

In another, "should have been here earlier" moment, I found this great card, and asked the dealer if he had any other players from the set.  He said he came with most of the other Phillies, but they had been bought up hours ago.  Potential missed opportunity, but I am still happy with this very nice card.

Topps Archives Reprints

Phillies baseball cards for TTMing

When I go to shows I am on the lookout for cards that I can send in TTM.  I couldn't resist the temptation of these four cards for $1.  None are worth too much, but I can send all four and guarantee TTM successes.  My son has begun taking an interest in my autograph returns, so I might just address the return envelopes to him and give him a head start on his own collection.

2001-2003 Reading Phillies Team Card Sets

Reading Phillies
Team Card Sets '01, '02, '03

I have very few cards from Phillies minor league affiliates, but saw a couple decent guys on top of the packs and figured it might be fun to look through for other familiar names.  After thumbing through them, I can report the only memorable members of those teams were on top.  In my final, "should have been here earlier" moment, this dealer told me he had last season's team set earlier in the day - but had sold them to another buyer.  Those are the breaks, I guess.