2013 Phillies Phestival Poll!

Alright, even though I have not yet received my tickets to this year's Phillies Phestival, they are definitely reaching fans this week...so, it's time to start tracking what we got!

For those of you who haven't previously attended the event, or didn't read this blog last summer, the Phillies will not disclose the list of players who will appear in any specific booth number.  Going into last year's event, I thought it might be fun to see if we could make any best guesses of which booths are "premier players" based on the number of tickets distributed.  For example, we might assume that the number of tickets available for Chase Utley will be limited, while the booth with Kevin Frandsen and Steve Henderson will be more widely distributed. Based on the results of last year's poll, the exercise was a good predictor of "booth quality".  

Next time you visit the site, make sure to log your booth numbers in the poll. Thanks for participating!