Mike Jackson's Fast, For A Catcher

I was first exposed to the work of local artist, Mike Jackson in December of last year while innocently navigating my way through the Holiday Sale at Citizens Bank Park.  My eye caught a watercolor print being held by a fellow Phillies fan.  Getting closer I could make out some familiar faces - Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, and Charlie Manuel...I had to know what it was and where to get it.  Through conversation with the fan, I learned the poster was "Summer of Love" by Mike Jackson a.k.a. "Alright Mike" - and best of all, I could download it on his site , which I did that night!

FAST, FOR A CATCHER, Mike's latest Indy Hall (April 5th, 22 N. 3rd St.) show, drew inspiration from his deep-rooted love for the game of baseball.  According to the press release, the exhibit will feature "ink and watercolor drawings based on Mike's own memories, and memories shared by others.  It's a celebration of the idiosyncrasies and quirks of baseball, and the life we make for ourselves around it." In following Mike the past few months, I have seen several pieces that represent both the high's and low's of my own baseball experience over the past 30 years, and was happy to hear that a few of my favorites were going to be on display in the show...

Summer of Love

Summer of Love
 - Mike Jackson

"The Summer of Love drawing was done a few Februarys ago in what I remember being the most-anticipated Phillies season I've ever experienced. Some folks were printing World Series tickets that spring training, but I wanted to do something that spoke to how fun it was to be a Phillies fan at that time, and that we should just enjoy it."

 Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee
- Mike Jackson

"For a while, Cliff Lee was a great muse, as he seemed almost indifferent to how good he is. His nonchalance gave me a ton to work with. I did the attached drawing as the hype for Hurricane Irene built, and games were cancelled. There's always a chance another Cliff Lee drawing will pop up."

Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen

Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson
- Mike Jackson

"I listen to most games on the radio or on my phone, so Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen are like friends during the season. I appreciate the rapport they have with each other, with Franzke playing a great straight man to Andersen's more goofy personality."

Event Information:

Exhibit is open from April 5th through April 29th
Opening Reception - Friday, April 5th @ Indy Hall from 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Indy Hall
22 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia

Download the full press release.

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