2013 Phillies Phesival Wrap-up

Another Phillies Phestival is in the books!  From reading through comments on social media outlets, I can tell it was a success for all.  The autograph news highlight had to be that the Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley lines opened for cash donations fairly early in the night. And, of course, for you Chad Durbin fans, the good news was the Durbin/Bastardo booth started accepting donations 20 minutes in...

Like last year, I again was splitting my evening: half Dad, half Phillies Collector.  It's a tricky line to walk, trying to fill out a few projects while keeping it fun for a 4-year old.  Luckily the Phillies helped me out by filling my ticket allotment with the likes of Durbin/Bastardo, Kratz/Frandsen, Valdez/Samuel - which I did not mind skipping if necessary.  My "big guys" were Cole Hamels and Ryne Sandberg.  Here are a few things I came away with...

Cole Hamels

Side panel - 2009 WS Team ball
I was happy to add Hamels to my 2009 World Series ball.  With this addition I now have 16 members of the National League Champs.  Being one of the few guys my son knows to see, getting Hamels was a bonus for him, too.

Ryne Sandberg
Sometimes, as a collector, you can get caught up in getting, or needing an autograph because of a certain implied value that comes with it.  It is always fun to me to meet one of baseball's immortals, and the experience with Sandberg is really much more valuable than the autograph.  For me, as Dad, it was an opportunity to relay that Ryno was "one of the best baseball players ever.."

Ryne Sandberg - single signed ball

Antonio Bastardo

2009 World Series lithograph

We zipped through this booth, and I added Bastardo to my 2009 World Series lithograph.  Although, I really wanted either Utley or Charlie Manuel to sign it, I'll take any at this point.  Bastardo brings me up to nine on this...

Chad Durbin

Chad Durbin card

I loaded up on CD back in March at the Chamber of Commerce event (so, it figures I would get this booth).  One of the things I have worked on over the years was getting 2008 photo cards signed.  I had seven or eight, but didn't have Durbin yet.  Now I have eight or nine signed...