A Notorious Phillies-Indians Connection

Man, that Cleveland series was brutal! Not that we can call it a season, but I did not expect those two games after sweeping the Mets last weekend.

The short stay in Cleveland had me thinking about Phillies-Indians player connections, and there is none more notorious than Von Hayes.  In December of 1982, Hayes was famously traded from Cleveland to the Phillies for Manny Trillo, Julio Franco, George Vukovich, Jerry Willard and Jay Baller.

Growing up during his prime with the Phils, Hayes was always one of my favorite players.  And, if you look at his numbers, he turned out to be pretty productive with a lot of very bad teams.  Nonetheless, he never lived up to the hype from the trade (in the eyes of some fans).

Here is how the trade played out through 1983 Topps and Topps Traded...

Von Hayes - 1983 Topps #325 and 1983 Topps Traded #40T

Manny Trillo - 1983 Topps #535 and 1983 Topps Traded #116T