Phillies TTM: Week of 4/29

It has been a year or two since I have had an official 1964 Phillies team project in the works.  In the past I got a few 1964 Phillies, Bulletin 8x10s signed, but opted to focus my attention on collecting autographs on 5x7 versions instead.  I recently had a change of heart about the larger set, and figure it might be one of my last opportunities to fill in the living team members who I do not have yet.

So far it's been pretty successful...

John Herrnstein - 

John Herrnstein signed
1964 Bulletin picture

As with most of the 1964 team, I've written to Herrnstein several times over the years.  He occasionally includes a short note on the back of my request letter, thanking me for writing.  This time he added a signed index card, which I gave to my son.  He was pretty excited, and met my wife at the door that night with it in hand: "Look mom!  I got an autograph in the mail - JUST LIKE DAD!!"  Poor kid...

Jack Baldschun - 

Jack Baldschun signed
1964 Bulletin picture

Before closers were closers, Baldschun was regularly getting the job done for the Phillies.  During his five seasons with the team, he collected 59 saves, including 21 in 1964.  He is a great signer, though his responses can sometimes span months.  I was expecting a potential wait, and was surprised when it came back in 5 or 6 days!